Landify, the automated Smart Vertical farming

Landify is the robotic automation project for large agricultural areas that combines hydroponic farming techniques with vertical and precision farming strategies, integrating them into an advanced IoT system of high-efficiency cultivation.

The heart of the system is a 55-meter electromechanical arm that uses the techniques of central pivot irrigation and is able to monitor the conditions of the field through a wide range of sensors (for light, water, pH, EC, temperature, weather). By rotating on its central pivot, the agBot monitors and restores, without the need for human intervention, the ideal homeostasis conditions, optimizes the consumption of resources and helps to reduce environmental threats (predators and adverse climatic events).

Grow anywhere

it does not require fertile land, nor flat, the hydro/areo-ponic combination takes place on vertical supports, you can grow in the desert.

Save resources

It reduces water consumption, depending on the type of crop and environmental conditions, by up to 70% thanks to robotic precision farming.

Protects the crop

It protects your crops in winter from frosts and in summer from drought, monitoring ph and temperature.

Certify HFTT products

It records every action on the Blockchain ensuring total traceability (Human Free Total Track) for both the manufacturer and the end customer.


It reduces the use of pesticides and intervenes alone when necessary, with local and targeted strategies.

Reduces costs

It produces more with less work, allows a significant reduction in personnel costs related to field activities (irrigation, surveillance, care).

Increase yields

It increases yields per hectare, depending on the type of crop and environmental conditions, up to 300% thanks to vertical farming.


it is designed to make you spend less and earn more, purchasable with IoT 4.0 incentives, depreciable in 10 years guarantees a positive return on investment and the creation of value through tangible and intangible assets.