Landify > Officine Agricole Milanesi, Smart-Vertical-Precision farming

About us

In Officine Agricole Milanesi we support agricultural producers in the process of automation and digitalization of production infrastructures.

Landify is the development project of the first fixed outdoor agBot based on a“central pivot”strategy that uses computer vision and object detection technologies, combined with a wide range of sensors and orchestrated by an Artificial Intelligence system, for precision vertical farming outdoors on large surfaces (each bot independently cultivates about 1 hectare of land). 

Officine Agricole Milanesi (OAM) is an initiative born from the idea of Michele Walter China and 2 travel companions.

Jacopo Nencioni is a manager with a degree in agriculture and a long experience in the large-scale distribution sector gained as a manager of the Lidlgroup.

Andjelka Muric is an architect and designer with a degree from the Polytechnic of Milan and the University of Belgrade and a master’s degree from the High Polytechnic School of Turin, he has international experience both in the field of design and in that ofArtificial Intelligence and Computer Vision.

Michele Walter China is the CIO of Munogu,a leading start-up in the field of cognitive services and machine learning,with significant experience in innovation, design thinking and growth hacking.

Officine Agricole Milanesi has been selected by the municipality of Milan as part of the European project“UIA – New Skills for new Jobs in Peri-urban Agriculture”among the recipients of openAgrifacilities.