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From a modern plant for the generation of clean energy, starting from the organic agricultural waste and the near Ortomercato, to the hydroponic cultivation of the food of the future, algae spirulina; From the realization of a modern shared oven where to produce bread and products derived from ancient flours, also educating people to the correct nutrition, to the realization of modern automatic greenhouses for the cultivation of fruit and vegetables at 0, 2 km from Order via smartphone.

Are some of the 18 business projects that will be born in the coming months on 30 hectares of land made available free of charge by the municipality for the development of agriculture Peri in the framework of the project OpenAgri. To present this morning companies to the press, the councillor for policies for work, productive activities and trade Cristina Tajani with Claudio Caballero, Senior Consultant of leftovers and lecturer at the Politecnico of Milan, and representatives of the projects ” Narrate the bread “,” Milan BiocharPowerCube “and” FioreUrbano “.

“The results scored by the OpenAgri ban, with more than 50 projects that have been examined by the administration, show how significant is the willingness to confront, especially for young people, with a sector like the agri-food industry increasingly relevant to The economy of the city and the whole nation. ” Thus the councillor for the policies for work, productive activities and trade Cristina Tajani, which continues: “Thanks to European funding intercepted by the city of Milan, we will succeed in realizing, precisely in the renewed spaces of Cascina Nosedo, starting from 2019, a new incubator of enterprise expressly dedicated to young people who want to bet on a sector that can give them a chance in the entrepreneurial field. It is the eighth company incubator, participated by the municipality, which will make Milan the most attentive city to startups and the birth of entrepreneurial projects.

The 18 selected projects, on a total of more than 50, have come in response to the call “OpenAgri” wanted by the administration to identify business ideas able to combine technological innovation with the creation of a new entrepreneurship in the field Agro-food and the valorisation of the Milanese rural heritage. There are three macro-areas on which projects have been focused: new agro-systemic products and services (5 projects), technological innovation in the agri-food chain (8 projects), sharing economy and social innovation (5 projects). In particular, there were 13 aspiring newly selected entrepreneurs, 3 companies already established while 2 Onlus and associations. Interesting to note that 77% of the projects selected was presented by young people under 40, a sign that the agro-food world can be attractive and stimulating for young entrepreneurs.

The new companies, in addition to the allocation of free use of land (from 1 up to a maximum of 8 hectares according to the needs of the individual project), will become part of a wider programme of accompaniment and pre-incubation of the duration of two Years that includes: advanced training, mentorship and strategic networking, help in drafting business plans, scientific support and academic orientation, as well as facilitating access to credit and meeting with possible investors depending on the Characteristics of individual projects.

A program of support and accompaniment made possible thanks to the partners of OpenAgri: Chamber of Commerce, industry, Agriculture and Handicrafts (CCIAA) of Milan, Fondazione Politecnico di Milano (FPM) and Fondazione Technological Park Padano (PTP), university Of the studies of Milan (UniMi), Politecnico di Milano (polii), leftovers s.r.l., Cinea, FUTURE FOOD INSTITUTE Trust (FFI), ImpattoZero Srl, the Road Cooperative Society Social, Sunugal Association, the center of Service and consultancy of the Politecnico di Milano , IFOA – Training Institute for business operators, Mare s.r.l. Social enterprise and FOOD PARTNERS SRL.

The project “OpenAgri” aims to create a new pole for innovation in agriculture Peri located in the south of Milan, between the district Corvetto and the area called “Sea port” and the countryside (Agricultural park south). A new centre for open Innovation Hub located at the Cascina Nosedo, of which some portions will be recovered thanks to the financing of Urban Innovative actions with the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF). In all about 6 million euros for the requalification and integration between urban areas and countryside and the creation of new agro-alimentary enterprises.

(Source: Site of the city of Milan)